[wix-users] TRANSFORM file not copied to Windows\Installer folder on Windows Server 2012

Timo Zuidema timo.zuidema at visma.com
Tue Sep 12 06:36:40 PDT 2017


In our installer we use an auto-generated transform file to allow for
(endless) multiple-instance installs.
The transform file is generated from a bootstrapper in the temp folder
before the start of the MSIEXEC.
After installation, the MSI and transform file are automatically copied
over to the Windows\Installer folder by the Installer service as expected
on most systems.

We noticed however that on some Windows Server 2012 systems the transform
file isn't copied, but stays in the temp folder.
Also the Transforms key in the registry points to the file in the temporary
folder in that case. Normally that would be the Windows\Installer folder.

Anyone has ever noticed this behavior? What might cause this?


timo.zuidema at visma.com

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