[wix-users] Weird chained EXE behaviour

Alex Tuppen alex.tuppen at gmail.com
Wed Sep 6 08:46:33 PDT 2017


I am having some trouble with an EXE in a chain, I have a custom
bootstrapper which installs different things from the chain based on user
input. Specifically it installs Microsoft Operations Manager Agent or
Microsoft Operations Manager Gateway, then runs some MSIs to configure them
and then an EXE to install the certificate and finish configuration. The
EXE is behaving strangely though, if I run it after installing the agent it
works fine, if I run it after installing the gateway however it bombs out.
I am using exactly the same chain entry for both instances and nothing is
changing and the EXE behaves correctly outside the bundle.

Does anyone know of anything in a WiX bundle, with a custom bootstrapper,
which would cause an exe to behave like this?

Kind regards,


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