[wix-users] Per-machine Burn registration when chain includes skipped per-user packages

Steve Dower steve.dower at python.org
Mon Sep 4 10:13:19 PDT 2017


I'm raising a question I asked a while ago in case things have changed. 
Otherwise I'll be coming up with a workaround in my custom bootstrapper 
this week while I have time allocated.

For context, my main bundle def is at 
and a representative package group is 

In my chain, I have both per-machine and per-user packages, and a very 
early decision in the bootstrapper chooses which set are enabled. 
However, an *earlier* decision in the Burn library (i.e. not in my code) 
has already decided that registration should always be per-user. This is 
despite the fact that only per-machine packages will eventually be 
installed, and the registration should therefore be for the entire machine.

Last time I asked there was no way to force registration to be 
per-machine during the planning stage. I'm hoping that has changed?

My current thinking for a workaround is to find the per-user 
registration in a post-install step and move it to the HKLM hive. Then I 
believe I should be able to manually detect the per-machine registration 
at launch and take the appropriate path (I don't have any need to 
support simultaneous per-user and per-machine installs - once it's there 
for the machine, it's okay to block an equivalent per-user install).

Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated.


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