[wix-users] Create a Patch without 2nd MSI

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In theory one could hard code/manually generate a patch without the second MSI, but in practice it would not at all be practical. You are better off asking why they don't want the second MSI to be generated (note, no one says you have to publish the second MSI, you just need a target MSI so that the delta of the two can be calculated by the tools and a MSP be generated from them).

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I believe Patch works by creating a transform by comparing the existing MSI (1st one) and the new one (2nd MSI). I have a customer requirement (don't ask me why) not to create the 2nd MSI and still have another option to create a patch. Is this possible? If so, can you please provide the details? If not, can you please provide links / proofs substantiating this?


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