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RemoveExistingProducts removes the products who's ProductCodes are found in the union of all properties found in the rows of the Upgrade table not marked “detect only”. The property values are semicolon-delimited lists. If you add ProductCodes to the list, they will also be removed. If, OTOH, you remove ProductCodes from the list, they will be ignored.

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What about the uninstalling? What I want to achieve is that only version
that resides in the same directory is
 uninstalled and all other versions are preserved (side by side
installation support). As far as I can see RemoveExistingProducts
uninstalls all versions
and there is no option to uninstall specific one. Is there any other
possibility how to do it?

For each product  Product/@Id is auto generated, UpgradeCode guid is a
constant and version is modified.

Thanks for support.

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> > I've tried to detect if selected installation directory already has a
> > specific file (from previous installation) and then use
> > RemoveExistingProducts
> > action.
> > Here is my code snippet:
> > ...
> > <Property Id = "FILE_EXISTS">
> >   <DirectorySearch Id="MyInstallationFolder" Path="[INSTALL_FOLDER]">
> >     <FileSearch Name="MyApp.exe"/>
> >   </DirectorySearch>
> > </Property>
> > ...
> > where INSTALL_FOLDER is an installation folder, selected by the user.
> > But it seems that Property is evaluated even before installation folder
> is
> > known.
> > So how can the property be evaluated before/after InstallInit?
> https://stackoverflow.com/questions/7354619/wix-how-to-
> do-a-directorysearch-in-a-custom-installation-location
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