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Mon Oct 23 14:48:32 PDT 2017

Ok, thanks for clarification. However since I'm moving to wix (currently
using other tool for setup generation) files that are part of the setup
have GUID values which are different to one generated with wix. So even wix
generates a constant GUIDs, I still need to support previous setups.

I've tried to detect if selected installation directory already has a
specific file (from previous installation) and then use RemoveExistingProducts
Here is my code snippet:
<Property Id = "FILE_EXISTS">
  <DirectorySearch Id="MyInstallationFolder" Path="[INSTALL_FOLDER]">
    <FileSearch Name="MyApp.exe"/>
where INSTALL_FOLDER is an installation folder, selected by the user.
But it seems that Property is evaluated even before installation folder is
So how can the property be evaluated before/after InstallInit?

On Mon, Oct 23, 2017 at 3:01 PM, Tobias S via wix-users <
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> Just to clarify how to avoid new GUIDs every build when using Heat:
> Suppress generating new GUIDs when using Heat. Then WiX Candle instead
> create GUIDs which has a more stable mechanism.
> This can be archive by using AutogenerateGuids="True (should be -ag
> parameter on command line). So Heat should generate fragments including
> Guid
> ="*".
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