[wix-users] Disable Creating RunOnce/Run Registry entry by the Burn

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Wix’s behavior is perfectly valid, it’s the fault of the AV software for blocking it. The typical response is to digitally sign your bundle, then report any false positives to the AV vendor. Wix shouldn’t have to sacrifice resiliency because a poorly written AV software blindly blocks a documented function of an OS.

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Thanks for the update.
The reason behind this is good one. But in some Antivirus settings there is an option to deny to write Run/RunOnce Registry entry. I noticed this option in OfficeScan. So, if this setting is enabled, even the normal installation also will be blocked by Antivirus.
I know this should be handled from Antivirus configuration side. But, it is not possible to convey to all or some users at every time of release, like our setup will create startup registry entry, if it is denied in AV, then exclude this setup/option in AV settings.

So, my opinion is it would be better if WiX burn has an option to skip this registry entry creation. If user wants can set this or can exclude this.

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  This is needed in case of a restart mid-install, whether it be an intentional restart or even a power failure, it gives the bundle an opportunity to respond.

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Subject: [wix-users] Disable Creating RunOnce/Run Registry entry by the Burn

Hi All,

I am using WiX v3.11 and created a setup using custom BA.
Burn creating registry entry
in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run
location. Is any option available in WiX to skip this registry entry creation?

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