[wix-users] Choose install directory using 'WixUI_Minimal'?

Paul Mumford paul.mumford at gmail.com
Wed Oct 11 07:55:29 PDT 2017

Ah its ok guys, worked it out, just being a dope but thanks anyway! Just
needed to add the reference in the wxs (gone through all 3 of the options
now!). I like Mondo in theory but to be honest we dont need it for our
product, InstallDir seems to be exactly the same as minimal but you choose
you install path, exactly what it says on the tin so thats great :)

    <!--<UIRef Id="WixUI_Mondo" />-->
    <!--<UIRef Id="WixUI_Minimal" />-->
    <UIRef Id="WixUI_InstallDir" />

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> > I really dont know what to set <UIRef Id="WixUI_InstallDir" /> to though,
> > that isnt in my project!
> This is provided by the WIX toolset, it's a built-in that is available for
> you
> once you load the library.
> > If I use the line from the example the builder comes up with loads of
> > duplicate ID'd though im not using it
> Check out http://wixtoolset.org/documentation/manual/v3/wixui/
> wixui_dialog_library.html,
> You are probably missing the lib ref in your project.
> jlc
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