[wix-users] Dotnet core install detect

Luke Malpass contact at angelsix.com
Tue Oct 3 03:56:23 PDT 2017

Those never work. I’ve tried it 100 different ways. Even the copy/paste example in that doc doesn’t work.

    <Property Id="WixQuietExecCmdLine" Value="ipconfig" />
    <CustomAction Id="QtExecExample" Execute="immediate" DllEntry="WixQuietExec" BinaryKey="WixCA"/>


      <Custom Action="QtExecExample" After="InstallInitialize"/>


Run installer just says setup ended prematurely. Never runs any command, and batch or cmd file, any direct command line value. Tried every example on the web, it never works. No errors, no feedback on what went wrong. Nothing.

Also I notice in the examples they don’t mention how the Property is ever found or called, as its never linked to the CustomAction in any way?

Luke Malpass
AngelSix Ltd

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> Ok that isn't a solution then.
> Ok I can make my own solution, I can create a standard windows console
> app exe that can check for me correctly. However, how do I add an exe as
> a conditional install check to run it and get an exit code so that I can run
> my exe and if it fails, display an error to the user?

In the simplest form, you can use http://wixtoolset.org/documentation/manual/v3/customactions/qtexec.html
but I would still simply redfine your project as a lib and author a
real ca, it would only take a minute to do.

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