[wix-users] Custom Action firing

Habib Salim habib at hsalim.com
Tue Oct 17 06:47:01 PDT 2017

Good Morning.


I have a custom action in my installer that prompts the user to select an
image file - a logo that will be used by the application.

The path to the image file is then stored in the application.config file.

(relavant code pasted below)


This works when I run the installer but it also runs on uninstall
(although it does nothing)

It also runs whenever a new user open the application for the first time.


How do I ensure that this opens only on the first install?





    <Property Id="LOGO_PATH" Value="C:\" />

    <Binary Id="HSalimCo.WixGetLogoDLL"
SourceFile="$(var.TargetDir)WixGetLogo.CA.dll" />

    <CustomAction Id="CA_GetLogoPath"




                  Return="check" />



      <Custom Action="CA_GetLogoPath" After="InstallInitialize" />






public class CustomActions



        public static ActionResult OpenFileChooser(Session session)




                session.Log("Begin OpenFileChooser Custom Action");

                var task = new Thread(() => GetFile(session));




                session.Log("End OpenFileChooser Custom Action");


            catch (Exception ex)



                session.Log("Exception occurred as Message: {0}\r\n
StackTrace: {1}", ex.Message, ex.StackTrace);

                return ActionResult.Failure;


            return ActionResult.Success;



        private static void GetFile(Session session)


            var fileDialog = new WinForms.OpenFileDialog {

                Filter = "Image Files (*.TIF, *.PNG,
*.JPG)|*.TIF;*.PNG;*.JPG|All files(*.*) | *.* "

                , Title = "Select your logo -this image will appear on
your reports" 



            if (fileDialog.ShowDialog() == WinForms.DialogResult.OK)


                session["LOGO_PATH"] = fileDialog.FileName;




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