[wix-users] Basic Questions on WiX

Ven H venh.123 at gmail.com
Tue Oct 3 21:55:11 PDT 2017


I am very new to WiX and trying to learn and implement. I have some basic
(may be silly for some people) questions. Can anyone please answer them?
Here are they, to begin with.

1. If Product element represents the application for which msi is created
and Package element refers to the actual package or msi, package element
should be the parent and product element the child. But here it is the
other way. Can you please explain my gap in understanding?

2. I am still not completely able to understand the attributes like
CodePage and SummaryCodePage from the documentation. Can anyone please
explain this clearly?

3. The documentation in FireGiant says Package ID has to be different for
every package. I didn't get this. Even if I upgrade the MSI, still it has
to have a new Guid everytime? Also, as per the documentation in FireGiant,
PackageID has been marked as * which means it will be auto generated
everytime, whereas when we create a Setup Project in Visual Studio and
observe the Product.wxs file, Product ID has been marked as *. Can anyone
please explain this?

4. In normal scenarios, Id will represent a Guid, where as in WiX, it
represents a normal string. It is confusing. Can anyone please explain this?

5. The FireGiant documentation says Guids have to be in uppercase, whereas
the Visual Studio Setup Project has Guid in lower case. Which is correct?

6. In Visual Studio Project templates, there are both Setup Project and WiX
Project templates? Which one should be used to create an MSI and what is
the use of the other?


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