[wix-users] Help on font installation

Akshay Mehta akshay.mehta at outlook.com
Mon Oct 2 23:34:22 PDT 2017

Hello all,

I'm new to WIX and trying to include fonts to my msi package. What i want is to install few fonts whenever my application is installed and uninstall those fonts whenever user uninstalls the application.

I've added following code:

<DirectoryRef Id="TARGETDIR">
      <Directory Id="FontsFolder" Name="Fonts">
        <Component Id="RobRegular" Guid="my guid 1" SharedDllRefCount="yes" DiskId="1">
          <File Id="RobotoRegular.ttf" Source="$(var.SOURCE_FONTS_DIRECTORY)\Roboto Regular.ttf" TrueType="yes" ShortName="RobR.ttf" Name="Roboto Regular.ttf" Vital="yes" />
        <Component Id="RobBold" Guid="my guid 2" SharedDllRefCount="yes" DiskId="1">
          <File Id="RobotoBold.ttf" Source="$(var.SOURCE_FONTS_DIRECTORY)\Roboto Bold.ttf" TrueType="yes" ShortName="RobBd.ttf" Name="Roboto Bold.ttf" Vital="yes"/>
        <Component Id="RobI" Guid="my guid 3" SharedDllRefCount="yes" DiskId="1">
          <File Id="RobotoItalic.ttf" Source="$(var.SOURCE_FONTS_DIRECTORY)\Roboto Italic.ttf" TrueType="yes" ShortName="RobI.ttf" Name="Roboto Italic.ttf" Vital="yes"/>
        <Component Id="RobBoldI" Guid="my guid 4" SharedDllRefCount="yes" DiskId="1">
          <File Id="RobotoBoldItalic.ttf" Source="$(var.SOURCE_FONTS_DIRECTORY)\Roboto BoldItalic.ttf" TrueType="yes" ShortName="RobBdI.ttf" Name="Roboto BoldItalic.ttf" Vital="yes" />

Also added respective "component ref tags" in feature section.

Problem I'm facing: The fonts get installed but does not uninstall on  uninstallation of application. Sometimes the previously installed fonts gets removed after a running a new installer.

I'm not having any clue, where I'm going wrong. Or, what things should I check.

Any suggestions would be really helpful.

Thanks in advance.

Akshay Mehta.

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