[wix-users] A question about newly created environment variable on Windows 10

Miaohsi Wang Miaohsi.Wang at schneider-electric.com
Mon Oct 2 13:04:44 PDT 2017

Dear WiX Support,

Our WiX installer creates an environment and we found an issue with it on Windows 10. On windows 10 after the installation, the environment variable is not effective and if I open a new DOS command prompt window and execute a set command, I would not see it there in the list. At this time, however, if I open the Environment Variable window, I'd see it there in the System Environment Variable window. After I close the Environment Variable window, the new environment variable is now effective. Any idea? The WiX code for the environment variable creation is shown below.

<Environment Id="Env1" Name="TEST" Value="[TEST]" Part="all" Permanent="yes" Action="set" System="yes" />

Thanks a lot,

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