[wix-users] NetFx462Redist offline issues.

Marc Chantelois mchantelois at gmail.com
Mon Oct 2 12:53:59 PDT 2017


Searching on how to make the netFx462Redist working...  so far, it works
only when my .net installer is next to my bootstrapper (.exe) in the redist
folder.  I can compress or not my payload, it does not change anything.

I use the fragment where i can define my exe package and add all the stuff
around to make it work.  I’m able to make it work !

Still, the documentation tell me to add the package group NetFx426Redist
and add a payload and add the payload group reference under the
BootstrapperApplicationRef and it works only when the .net package is under
the folder redist next to my bootstrapper.

Would it make sens to change the compressed value to “yes” under the
definition of the NetFx426Redit found at this link :

Is this “Compressed=“yes”” would affect the case where it use the
“DownloadUrl” ?

Searching on the web, i’m not able to see a successfull implementation of
NetFx462Redist.  To test this you need a PC without any network access.



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