[wix-users] How to execute a custom action with user privileges (non elevated)

Roland Kieslinger rkieslinger at rzl.at
Thu Nov 16 01:51:44 PST 2017


Is it possible to execute a custom action with user privileges (non elevated)?

If a user with local admin rights logs on on windows, 2 tokens are generated. One token without admin rights (filtered token) and one token with admin rights. If he maps a network drive, this usually happens using the filtered token, except he does it explicitly with admin rights, for example by starting cmd elevated and using "net use...". But if he does the mapping with the filtered token, I have no chance to access the network drive in my setup, because I always get the token with admin rights there.

I thought I get the filtered token, when I'm executing a custom action in the immediate phase, but it seems that's not the case.

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