[wix-users] WiX MSP patching

Александр Соловьев deffill at mail.ru
Thu Nov 2 00:23:34 PDT 2017

I am trying to create an msp for my msi distribution and seem to get stuck at this point. The goal is to create a patch that can be applied by a non-administrator to an application installed in program files folder. However, I keep getting UAC promt window with credentials input.
So far I have got 2 msi packages with different set of features (some removed, some added) and an msp patch built based upon the tutorial at  http://wixtoolset.org/ . The msi are installed properly and the msp applies as expected but only under admin priveleges. As I understand from reading the internet, the msi and msp have to be signed with a certificate. For this purpose I have generated a code-signing sertificate (self-signed for testing purposes) and have signed all the packages with signtool.exe. I've also found that the certificate has to be embedded into the package and still no luck. I even added my root certificate as a known root and the only result I got was UAC widnow color change from yellow to blue. 
Having said that I am asking for any help. Could you point out what I am missing and where to go next? 
If this is not the place to post this question please take my apologies and point me to the right one.

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