[wix-users] WiX fails to launch the installer when previous launch was from a removable drive

Mayooran Macilamany mayooran99 at gmail.com
Tue May 30 19:14:09 PDT 2017

What  I need to do is to write to a file of my own, about the installation
status. Some other application is reading this file and making decisions
based on that. So  I need this file to be at the location where the current
installer is being launched. If its launching the previous installer, it
should be coming from some cache folder right? So shouldn't the log file
also get created in that cache folder and not search for the removable
media? I am assuming this based on the WixBundleOriginalSource variable I
have used. If that's not the case, How else can I get the location from
where the installer is launched from and write a log file there about the
installation status? I really need this implementation, but I guess
WixBundleOriginalSource isn't the one I should be using? if so what other
option is there to get the current installer launched location?

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