[wix-users] VSTS vNext Build MSBuild 15.0 Hang

David Watson dwatson at sdl.com
Mon May 15 01:26:23 PDT 2017

Yes, we had this last week, but found switching to 64bit MSBuild made it continue.


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I've been modernizing my tool stack / source code to WiX v3.11 along with VSTS vNext builds and VS2017.  What a pain. So much is broken in 15.0 and so much I don't like about vNext builds. Still I'm trying....

My specific question today is:

Is anyone seeing build hangs using vNext Builds and MSbuild 15.0?     A bunch of my merge modules will build and then it'll just hang on one of them (same one every time... very simple module nothing fancy about it).   If I switch to MSBuild 4.0 it works fine.  Weird.


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