[wix-users] /help command with custom bootstrapper

Julius Zint julius.zint at awin-software.de
Fri May 5 15:05:39 PDT 2017

If nobody knows an easier way you could write a Wrapper
Application yourself that has the bootstrapper as embedded resource.

When the Application gets started with /help it shows a MessageBox
otherwise it extracts the bootstrapper and launches it.

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Betreff: [wix-users] /help command with custom bootstrapper

>Hey all,
>I've built a custom wix bootstrapper, and show a custom 'help' window 
>the user passes "/help" to the installer. The problem is that if .NET 
>installed on the machine the user will get the .NET pre-req help window
>(not my product's help window). Is there a way to show a basic 
>window before the .NET package displays its window?
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