[wix-users] Update of burn bootstrappers behaving abnormally

Mayooran Macilamany mayooran99 at gmail.com
Sat May 27 03:31:15 PDT 2017

Hi all,

I have created a burn bootstrapper wrapping up some pre-requisites and my
own MSIs. These install fine on a fresh machine. Updating works well
mostly. But at times I am running into issues where the bootstrapper is not
properly updating the packages. At times like this, it is launching old
bootstrappers from the cache. I could verify this because I have versions
printed on my bootstrapper UI. When it launches old installers, they get
stuck and require user intervention to close. In a machine that is in such
a state, if I go to program data and remove the cached MSIs and remove
cached MSIs from app data local and roaming folders, and uninstall existing
MSIs from control panel and if I install it again, then it installs fine.
What is this behavior I am experiencing? Because of this, the installer's
behavior has become very unpredictable. Should I remove these cached MSIs
every time an installation completes? is it safe to do so? Any help would
be much appreciated.

I am using WiX 3.10 with .Net 4.5. I have attached my
OnDetectPackageComplete event implementation below just in case you need to

private void OnDetectPackageComplete(object sender,
DetectPackageCompleteEventArgs e)

            if (e.PackageId == "MyInstallerID1" || e.PackageId ==
"MyInstallerID2" || e.PackageId == "MyInstallerID3")
                if (e.State == PackageState.Absent)
                    InstallEnabled = true;
                else if (e.State == PackageState.Present)
                    UninstallEnabled = true;
                    repairFiles = true;


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