[wix-users] Uninstall shortcuts on Windows 10 and Windows 2016

Stephens, Rich RStephens at bottomline.com
Wed May 24 11:05:27 PDT 2017

I know this is likely more a Windows and/or Windows installer question, but I wanted to see if anyone here has worked this out via WiX.

My application installs an Uninstall shortcut to the start menu, but on Windows 10 and Windows 2016, it doesn't show on the Start menu, even thought  IS there in the Start Menu folder under %APPDATA%

I'm using the standard method for creating a shortcut, and it works fine on all other Windows versions we support.  Even on Windows Server 2016, where the ISN'T a Start Menu per se, it shows up in the list of icons on the "Desktop".


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