[wix-users] Patch sequencing issue

Steve De George stevedegeorge at pivotalz.com
Wed May 17 05:18:15 PDT 2017

Hi all.

I am trying to get a patch sequence working.

So basically I want to install say version 6.17.0. Then patch to 6.17.1, 6.17.2, 6.17.3 and so on. I want to keep the versions in the ARP list (View installed updates) so that if there is an issue with 6.17.3 I can roll back to 6.17.2

What is happening now is when I install patch 6.17.1 I get an entry into the ARP list (View installed updates) that shows 6.17.1 and the ARP itself also shows 6.17.1 - all looks good.

If I then install patch 6.17.2 it seem to overwrites the ARP list (View installed updates) with itself. I can no longer see 6.17.1 ARP list (View installed updates) but do see 16.17.2  Again if I install patch 6.17.3 the same thing happens. Just a single entry in the ARP list (View installed updates)

So question wise is how do I get the sequencing working?  Below is my patch.wxs  What am I missing?

Thanks all!!!!!


<?xml version='1.0' encoding='windows-1252'?>
<Wix xmlns='http://schemas.microsoft.com/wix/2006/wi'>

   <?define Manufacturer="NextGen Software, Inc."?>
   <?define ProductVersion="$(env.PATCH_TC_i2xVer)"?>

  <Patch AllowRemoval="yes" Manufacturer="$(var.Manufacturer)" MoreInfoURL="www.nextgensoftware.com"
    DisplayName="Update $(var.ProductVersion)"
Description="Update Patch $(var.ProductVersion)" Classification="Update">

    <Media Id='5000' Cabinet='RTM.cab'>
      <PatchBaseline Id='RTM'/>

    <PatchFamilyRef Id="PatchFamily15"/>

    <PatchFamily Id='PatchFamily15' Version='$(var.ProductVersion)' Supersede='yes'>


Steve De George - Pivotal Z / NextGen Software, Inc.

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