[wix-users] Bal Overridable is not working when calling on MSIProperty element

Mayooran Macilamany mayooran99 at gmail.com
Mon May 15 22:23:54 PDT 2017

Hello guys,

I am trying to execute a MSI through my EXE burn bundle. This MSI needs a
parameter "USERNAME". When I specify this on Bundle wxs file, its not
getting overridden from the default value. Below is my entry in bundle wxs.

<Variable Name="UserName" Type="string" Value="someDefaultValue"
Persisted="yes" bal:Overridable="yes"/>

Below is how I am calling this MSI passing the parameter.

Id="InstallerId" Vital="no" Visible="yes">
        <MsiProperty Name="INSTALLLOCATION" Value="[InstallLoc]"/>
        <MsiProperty Name="USERNAME" Value="[UserName]"/>

Below is how I am executing this EXE.

     Bundle.exe UserName="Test"

When I go through the logs, below is what I find.

[1310:173C][2017-05-15T20:41:40]i000: Initializing string variable
'InstallLoc' to value 'C:\Program Files\'
[1310:173C][2017-05-15T20:41:40]i000: Initializing string variable
'UserName' to value 'someDefaultValue'
[1310:173C][2017-05-15T20:41:40]i009: Command Line:
[13F8:176C][2017-05-15T20:43:13]i301: Applying execute package:
WatchDogInstallerId, action: Install, path: C:\ProgramData\Package
arguments: ' MSIFASTINSTALL="7" INSTALLLOCATION="C:\Program Files\"
[1310:173C][2017-05-15T20:45:58]i410: Variable: UserName = someDefaultValue

As you can see, though the value I have given through command prompt has
come into the bundle, it not using that value when calling the MSI. Instead
its using the default value. Am I doing something wrong here or is this a
bug? Please assist.


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