[wix-users] Major upgrade requires reboot?

Persson, Magnus (SE-TLX) magnus.persson at assaabloy.com
Mon Mar 20 11:21:53 PDT 2017

I'm still new to this WiX stuff but do Custom Actions run in it's own process?
If they do, that would explain the 2nd msiexec.exe process.

If the restart manager is triggered due to something in one of my custom actions my best guess would be a rogue handle locking something. Anyway, that's for me to look into tomorrow.

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By reading "WiX 3.6: A developer's guide to Windows Installer Xml" by
Nick Ramirez I created a WiX installer with a GUI where I can select
what to install and where to install it.

The installer project (made with VS2015) contains the below MajorUpgrade

<MajorUpgrade DowngradeErrorMessage="!(loc.DowngradeErrorMessage)" />

I did my install testing as a standard user in Windows 10.
One thing I noticed was that when I launched the .msi as a standard user
two 'Msiexec.exe' processes were launched by my user. Why two?
When the GUI selections were done and the 'Install' button clicked, UAC
kicked in promped for elevation. When I granted access with the local
admin account, yet another msiexec.exe process launched (this time w/o
name so I guess it's the local admin).

Everyting installed fine and on 'Finish' all three msiexec.exe processes

Now to the problem.
In the product element I changed the 'Id', change the 'Version' to a
higher number (say instead of and kept the 'UpgradeCode'.
AFAIK this will result in a major upgrade.

The default behavior of a major upgrade is to uninstall after

When I launch the new updated .msi I see two msiexec.exe processes by my
name (same as before). One will allocate 1500K and the other 4500K memory.
As soon as the 'InstallValidate' is reached, a dialog with the text
"Windows(r) Installer (Process Id: x)" with the buttons 'Exit', 'Ignore'
and 'Retry' will appear.
The process id X will point to the msiexe.exe process that allocated
1500K. Why is this process messing with the installation sequence?

If I select 'Ignore' the setup will complete but require a reboot on
'Finish'. The major upgrade will succeed but why did it complain about
the process that automatically launches?
How can I prevent the reboot requirement?

It seems that I am missing something.

Please help me.

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