[wix-users] Error updating from wix 3.0 to wix 3.6

Hoover, Jacob Jacob.Hoover at greenheck.com
Fri Mar 17 09:53:20 PDT 2017

It looks like you are using an external UI for a MSI and you are missing an added callback from the engine to the Embedded UI.  I would strongly recommend upgrading to the latest version of wix (3.10.3). WiX 3.10.3 contains an important security fix and improvements. I would also urge you to move away from an embedded UI and instead use Burn and a custom BA.

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I have an old app build with vs2008 and wix 3.0 and .net 3.0.
I want to update the.net framework of the app to ver 4.5.

Because I use vs2012 to do the upgrade, I saw that wix 3.6 is the common version supported by VS2008 and VS2012.

VS2008 failed to proper convert the project to wix 3.6. In order to be able to open the project I manually replaced 3.0 with 3.x in the paths in the wixproj file.

<WixTargetsPath Condition=" '$(WixTargetsPath)' == '' AND '$(MSBuildExtensionsPath32)' != ''
<WixTargetsPath Condition=" '$(WixTargetsPath)' == ''

Build the project with vs2008 and wix 3.6 on a win 10 machine I receive this error:

Error 8 System.TypeLoadException: Method 'ProcessMessage' in type 'VismaUpdate.ClientSetup.UI.VPMClientSetupUI' from assembly 'VismaUpdate.ClientSetup.UI, Version=1.0.6284.22138, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null' does not have an implementation.

Error 9 The command ""C:\Program Files\WiX Toolset v3.6\bin..\sdk\MakeSfxCA.exe"
"C:\Program Files\WiX Toolset v3.6\bin..\sdk\x86\SfxCA.dll"
"C:\Program Files\WiX Toolset
exited with code 1. VismaUpdate.ClientSetupUI

The same error I get also building the project with VS2012 and wix 3.6 on a win 7 machine.
I also tried and changed in the project .net ver to 4.5 on the win 7 machine and build with VS2012 and I have the same error.

Any suggestion?

Thank you

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