[wix-users] FTP from burn.

Phill Hogland phill.hogland at rimage.com
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A comment to the following link from Bob indicates that FTP is supported in Burn by default:


I vaguely recall discussing this issue several years ago when I first implemented CDN staged packages.  I FTP the packages up to the CDN server, and then Burn handles the download automatically, although I think it is using http, based on the ExePackage/@DownloadUrl, or MsiPackage authoring.

Custom Actions only exist in the context of a MSI which is probably not related to your question.  If you need some other format than what is currently supported by Burn, then I think you are looking at working with the wix-devs to add the functionality to the WixToolset.org source.  But I suspect that Burn already has sufficient support for your needs.

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Hi all.

What is the best way to FTP a file and run it from Burn.

I have some code i found that grabs the .NET framework and downloads it (using ExePackage) and runs. It does not seem to support the FTP protocol.

Is this where you write a helper DLL and use a custom action?

Or? Thoughts.


Steve De George - Pivotal Z / NextGen Software, Inc.

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