[wix-users] COM addin for Outlook can't install while OL running

Brian Link link at fr.com
Fri Mar 3 10:00:38 PST 2017

To quote Emily Litella: "Never Mind".

I did the basic research I should have started with and find that the app installs silently without prompting a restart by using msiexec.exe with the command line in the form of

msiexec.exe /i MySetup.msi /qn

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Subject: [wix-users] COM addin for Outlook can't install while OL running

I'm not sure which forum to go to for help here, as it could be Wix or the "Add-In Express" tool I'm using, but I figured I'd cover all my bases.

I have an add-in for Outlook developed with Add-In Express. I used their setup template for Wix to develop the installer.

In the past, I've been able to run an install on a machine with Outlook running. It installs properly, but the new version didn't appear until you restarted Outlook, which is acceptable behavior.

For some reason, with my newest build, the user gets a prompt to shut down Outlook before installing. This is in addition to the msi suddenly appearing with a UI (users hate seeing Lorem Ipsum text).

The only thing I can think of that's changed is a new version of Add-In Express (yes, I'm bugging them too).

I know this is kind of an edge case, and I'm not experienced with COM office add-ins, but I thought I'd float it here to see if anyone had any ideas. Thanks.


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