[wix-users] Stdba localization

Phill Hogland phill.hogland at rimage.com
Wed Mar 1 11:03:02 PST 2017

Some time after I made those posts, I switched to using a mba.  So I have not localized the WixStdBA recently, but I would expect the process to be pretty much the same as detailed in that thread with the comment that the cause of most of the problems reported in that thread was due to a bug in the Wix 3.7 Burn language detection code, which was fixed later in v3.8.  Another part of the confusion at the time, for me, was the change introduced in Windows 8, with the OS behavior with respect to how to configure languages.    So those issues should not impact current development.

I think since I last used it there have been some changes implemented in the ThemeUtil tool.

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I'm looking to localize the standard bootstrapper and came across the following:

It's a bit old (2012 / WiX 3.6) so is it still the correct/best/easiest way to localize stdba?


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