[wix-users] Code signing the burn bootstrapper.

Steve De George stevedegeorge at pivotalz.com
Tue Mar 28 04:18:51 PDT 2017

Hi all.

I have my boostrapper with MSI working great and have went onto code signing them. In the past I have used kSignCMD.exe from www.comodo.com<http://www.comodo.com> and this does indeed sign everything. I sign the EXE's, the MSI and Burn boot strapper and by going to the  Properties, details I see everything is signed. The boot strapper is marked as signed.

Now here is the issue. If I sign the boot strapper  then when installing it prompts me with a find file dialog to locate the internal MSI.

If I DO NOT sign the boot strapper it all works fine. I have been Googling this for a couple of hours and am confused.

Any tips or tricks for this?


Steve De George - Pivotal Z / NextGen Software, Inc.

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