[wix-users] Uppercase Registry Key

Scott Ferguson Scott.Ferguson at a2ktechnologies.co.nz
Wed Mar 15 17:18:24 PDT 2017


I have a user whose 'Software' registry key is all uppercase, i.e. HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE. This is a windows 10 OS. I have not seen the key in all caps before.

The reason I am writing is my installer didn't install the registry keys and I am wondering if the case matters?

Is the value of the Key attribute case sensitive when installing registry keys?

Here is a snippet of my registryValue node and notice in the Key attribute the value has 'Software' in camel case not all caps like I found in the user's computer i.e. SOFTWARE. 

        <RegistryValue Root="HKCU" Key="Software\[MANUFACTURER]\[PRODUCTNAME]" Name="InstallFolder" 
                       Value="[INSTALLFOLDER]" Type="string" KeyPath="yes" /> 


Scott Ferguson

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