[wix-users] Show modal MessageBox in C# CA from MSI

Heiner Violet H.Violet at medidok.de
Fri Mar 10 08:38:54 PST 2017


Our BA installs several MSI-Packages. One MSI calls a C# CA where we would like to show a MsgBox with an information.
Calling System.Windows.MessageBox.Show has he disadvantage that the box isn't modal and my appear in the background oft he main UI.

I read that session.Message achieves my goal - but I didn't get this work - the information appears ONLY in the log-file an is NOT displayed in a msgBox.

My call looks like this: session.Message(InstallMessage.User | (InstallMessage)MessageButtons.OK, record);

I also read, that ...

Custom actions triggered via a DoAction control event cannot show message boxes.

My CA is scheduled in the InstallExec-Sequence with Execute="Immediate".

Thanks in advance,

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