[wix-users] WixBundleOriginalSourceFolder vs WixBundleSourceProcessFolder

James Bateson james.bateson at grantadesign.com
Fri Mar 3 02:27:19 PST 2017

The documentation for the WiX built-in variables is here<http://wixtoolset.org/documentation/manual/v3/bundle/bundle_built_in_variables.html>.

WixBundleOriginalSourceFolder - gets the folder from where the bundle originally ran.

WixBundleSourceProcessFolder - gets the source folder of the bundle where originally executed. Will only be set when bundle is executing in the clean room

Two questions:
*        What is the difference between "ran" and "executed"?
*        What does it mean (and what are the ramifications) of "Will only be set when bundle is executing in the clean room"?

I'm coming across an issue where the product has already been installed. In which case, WixBundleOriginalSourceFolder is not what I want. I want the folder where the user has just double clicked on the setup.exe, which may be different to the original folder. WixBundleSourceProcessFolder seems to give me the right folder but the description of it makes me a bit nervous and I wanted some clarification on what it really means.

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