[wix-users] Possible for dynamic DownloadUrl in WiX Bootstrapper

Nir Bar nir.bar at panel-sw.com
Sun Jun 25 06:39:58 PDT 2017

You can use another approch that Google use for their installers-Authenticode algorithm allows for data to be *appended* to signed binaries. This data can be read by the executable code.

To utilize it, follow these steps:
- Rewrite https://github.com/google/omaha/blob/master/omaha/base/apply_tag.cc to be used as a stand-alone library/executable. This will append arbitrary text to the signed bootstrapper.
- Add code to your server to append data to the bootstrapper on download. The data should be the server IP or URL.
- Add code to your BootstrapperApplication to extract the appended text on runtime.
- Override OnResolveSource to set the download URL.

I've implemented it once for a client and it works perfectly. I'll see if I can find and upload the code. I'll need the client's consent for that to.

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