[wix-users] Right Click run as Administrator VS Programmatically starting as admin.

Hoover, Jacob Jacob.Hoover at greenheck.com
Thu Jun 15 09:49:33 PDT 2017

Why would you have to explicitly elevate?  The engine should do this for you if the Plan determines it needs it.

Is the WiX version identical between your old and new Bundle?

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Hi friends,
I am facing  weird problem with my WiX Burn.  I have custom boostrapper.  The MSI is included in the Exe. I do have code to request to elevate permissions.
		var myInfo = new ProcessStartInfo
                                 FileName = Process.GetCurrentProcess().MainModule.FileName,
                                 UseShellExecute = true,
                                 Verb = "runas"

We were on on-premise TFS, when the build is done, right click and run as admin OR double click the exe, it would prompt for permissions.. the above code is executed and everything from there is normal.
Now we moved to VSTS, and the build process too.  We have below issue with the executable..
1. Right click and run as admin works fine.
2. Double click, prompts for permission, click on a button to run the code ... basically to launch  as admin... and then  it fails...here is the error message form log file.

[3DCC:3AE0][2017-06-15T12:24:54]i000: Setting InstallationState Applying
[3DCC:3AE0][2017-06-15T12:24:54]i299: Plan complete, result: 0x0
[3DCC:3AE0][2017-06-15T12:24:54]i300: Apply begin
[3DCC:3AE0][2017-06-15T12:24:54]i010: Launching elevated engine process.
[3DCC:3AE0][2017-06-15T12:24:55]i011: Launched elevated engine process.
[3DCC:3AE0][2017-06-15T12:24:55]i012: Connected to elevated engine.
[01EC:3118][2017-06-15T12:24:55]i358: Pausing automatic updates.
[01EC:3118][2017-06-15T12:24:55]i359: Paused automatic updates.
[01EC:3118][2017-06-15T12:24:55]i360: Creating a system restore point.
[01EC:3118][2017-06-15T12:24:55]w363: Could not create system restore point, error: 0x80070422. Continuing...
[01EC:3118][2017-06-15T12:24:55]i370: Session begin, registration key: SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\{5d7f183a-77dc-4ddb-9e84-9c901994a7ab}, options: 0x7, disable resume: No
[01EC:3118][2017-06-15T12:25:00]i000: Caching bundle from: 'C:\Users\ushanar\AppData\Local\Temp\{0C5AC74C-B935-4EAC-A95B-B75DBBEDE999}\.be\Enerprise-Setup.exe' to: 'C:\ProgramData\Package Cache\{5d7f183a-77dc-4ddb-9e84-9c901994a7ab}\Enerprise-Setup.exe'
[01EC:3118][2017-06-15T12:25:00]i320: Registering bundle dependency provider: {5d7f183a-77dc-4ddb-9e84-9c901994a7ab}, version:
[01EC:3118][2017-06-15T12:25:00]i371: Updating session, registration key: SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\{5d7f183a-77dc-4ddb-9e84-9c901994a7ab}, resume: Active, restart initiated: No, disable resume: No
[3DCC:381C][2017-06-15T12:25:00]w341: Prompt for source of container: WixAttachedContainer, path: C:\Users\ushanar\AppData\Local\Temp\{CF1CC4F5-4945-4E89-B834-7176BE041884}\.cr\Enerprise-Setup.exe

Any idea ???

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