[wix-users] Update progress status with custom dynamic text

Oscar Acosta oscaracos at yahoo.com
Wed Jun 14 01:18:48 PDT 2017

Hello Nir, thanks for your answer and time.

It would be nice if there were such a sample code in Wix documentation. I think it might be a common scenario, and I couldn't find such a clear explanation as yours after hours of search.

Kind regards.

Oscar Acosta 

    El Miércoles 14 de junio de 2017 6:43, Nir Bar <nir.bar at panel-sw.com> escribió:

 MsiProcessMessage has full documentation on record fields. Generally, you define a template for ActionData messages with ProgressText element.
<ProgressText Action="MyAction" Template="My name is [1]"/>
Then, in the custom action code, you send records with the template parameters.

using (Record rec = new Record(2)){  rec[1]= "Oscar Acosta";  session.Message(InstallMessage.ActionData, rec);}

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