[wix-users] RegAsm commands in batch file and running from wix As current user

Wheeler, Blaine (DSHS/DCS) BWheeler at dshs.wa.gov
Mon Jun 12 10:19:11 PDT 2017

Instead of a bat file I thnk you can use Heat to gather the info into a wxs.  Take a look at this StackOverflow answer https://stackoverflow.com/questions/364187/how-do-you-register-a-win32-com-dll-file-in-wix-3 

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Hi All,

I am running a batch file after installing all files as part of msi, the batch file has some arguments with it.

It is working for ALLUSERS installation in administrator command line, but not working for CurrentUser when it is installed in normal command line.

How can we elevate the execution in normal command prompt to register the dlls.

<Custom Action="InstallBatPerUser" After="InstallFiles">(NOT Installed) AND (NOT ALLUSERS)</Custom>

 <CustomAction Id="InstallBatPerUser" ExeCommand="[Addin_1]Install.bat "[Addin_1]\*" "[$(var.Product_Version)]"
Return="asyncNoWait" Impersonate="no"/>

Batch file conents:

regasm %path%AFO.SpreadsheetFormulas.dll" /codebase regasm %path%AFO.DatastreamHelper.dll" /codebase regasm %path%DFO.Excel12.COMHelperInterface.dll" /tlb:
%path%DFO.Excel12.COMHelperInterface.tlb" /codebase /silent


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