[wix-users] Cannot save WIX Toolset projects in Visual Studio

David Bowen maildarbid at icloud.com
Tue Jun 27 02:07:36 PDT 2017

Hi All, again,

It seems nobody wants to help with my question below.  I have since worked out that a possible reason for Wix addin crashing is that the PC is under Group Policy including a sync program like Dropbox for syncing files. (I feel this might be the issue)

Normal projects in Visual Studio save fine so could someone at least tell me what special paths does the Wix Toolset Visual Studio addin use? Is it a log or settings file or something like that that is saved when the project is being saved?



HI All,

The subject pretty much says it all.

I am creating a Wix Toolset v4 Setup Project targeting .Net 4.5. The project is created but when I choose to save it Visual Studio hangs immediately.

New Install of both VS2013 Community and Wix Toolset. It is on a Windows 10 PC which is also relatively newly installed.

Interestingly the folder for the project is created and the Product.wxs and the ProjectName.wixproj files are created.

Am happy to provide any other information for this bug.



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