[wix-users] Creators Update breaks formatting in progress bar messages?

Bob Peterson Bob.Peterson at caradigm.com
Fri Jun 16 06:56:11 PDT 2017

We have a Wix-based installer that's been working fine until recently. When we install it on the Windows Creator Update, the progress bar messages do not substitute real values for placeholders. Messages that are supposed to be formatted are now just shown literally. Examples:

    Copying new files File: [1], Directory: [9], Size: [6]
    Starting services Service: [1]
    Writing system registry values Key: [1], Name: [2], Value: [3]

Why aren't the bracketed placeholders being replaced with actual values?

Other facts: The same kit works fine on other versions of Windows. We've also tested on a kit built from an older code branch which builds using old .NET frameworks than 4.0, and that ALSO fails only on Creators Update

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