[wix-users] Solved? Puzzling issue with an msi's RegistrySearch...

Lewis Henderson henderso at opentext.com
Thu Jun 1 07:58:16 PDT 2017

Hi Guys,

Thanks Nir and Rod,

Changing the RegistrySearch to Type="raw" worked, but why?  Does Type="directory" not only check the registry for a value but also do an implicit search for the referenced directory?  In my case, the directory didn't exist, but I didn't expect it to check for that.

The doc says that if the child is a DirectorySearch, the type must be "directory", but says nothing about requiring a DirectorySearch child (or any child) if the type is "directory".  Type="file" does contain some specifics about child requirements, so I'd consider this a documentation bug at the very least.

Anyway, thanks for the help.


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> I'm not clued in on Procmon.  How would I use it to track this down?

Me, I'd 
 - fire it up.  
 - Turn of everything except registry monitoring 
 - Add a process filter for misexec.exe
 - watch the install and in particular what it thinks it is doing around your key.

But I'd start with Nir's suggestion...


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