[wix-users] WiX Bundle upgrade or install new to run side by side

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I don't think you can achieve this with a single MSI, in the manner your describing.  I think the most robust solution would be to have a unique install folder and upgrade code for each upgrade you release(you can still service each upgrade with patches).  Then your problem becomes, if I detect an older version, do I want to merge the configuration from it, as well should I uninstall the old version after upgrading.

The first problem could be solved via a property driven CA in the MSI (assuming the bundle is detecting the old version and allowing the user to choose between a clean install and an upgrade), where you pass the user choice from the BA to the MSI via a Variable and a MsiProperty.

The second problem can be solved again with the bundle detecting and optionally prompting for removal of the old version, in which you want to look at the RelatedBundle* callbacks and element.  This will allow you to relate your newer bundles with all of the prior bundles, and use the callbacks to determine if you only want to detect the related bundle or have it plan to remove it.

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I have a wix bundle with custom bootstrapper (and several screens) that installs a MSI package. For upgrades, I want to provide an option for user to choose either update the existing version (merge config files) or install as new version. I am not sure how to achieve this. Here are my bundle and prouct wxs files.

Bundle Name='My company software $(var.ShortVersionNumber)'
      Manufacturer='my company(r)'
      Copyright='(c) 2015 mycomapny(r) - All rights reserved'

all other nodes...
<MsiPackage Id='application' SourceFile='..\Output\en-us\Client.msi'
              DisplayInternalUI='no' Visible='no' Permanent='no' Compressed='yes' Vital='yes'>

The Product.wxs file is

<Wix xmlns='http://schemas.microsoft.com/wix/2006/wi' ....           >

  <Product Id='*'

       Name='My Company software $(var.ShortVersionNumber)'






I have all the events subscribed in my c# code.

Please give me some direction on how to achieve this.


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