[wix-users] Obfuscation and patching.

Tyler Gustafson tgustafson at solacom.com
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I've never worked with them but if the dlls and exes have a File Version property that you can control then I don't see any reason you wouldn't be able to patch them. How badly does it re-scramble them with each new build? If there are always a lot of deltas from the last version then you might not get much of a file size benefit out of the patch but I don't see a technical reason you couldn't patch. (Hopefully I'm not leading you astray. If someone has experience with obfuscation please chime in)


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Hi all.

I have searched the archives (and google) and can find nothing on the subject of creating patches with obfuscated files. I am still trying to get the hang of created patches but realize that at my company our product is obfuscated and this s a requirement for us

So, will patches work with obfuscated files?


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