[wix-users] Payload equivalent for MSI

Griesshammer, Christoph (GE Healthcare) christoph.griesshammer at ge.com
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We have two teams working together, one on installation and one on serviceability. The serviceability team is using config files and wants to keep properties in the config file set on upgrade. But they are also adding and removing properties from the config file on upgrades, so we (the install team) are essentially doing a merge of the configuration files in the package during upgrade.

I know this is the exact reason why you DON'T want to handle configuration files during upgrade that can be updated by the user, but we're in this boat already, at least for a release, so there's no need to tell me that this is the wrong way to handle user configuration and that the application should be handling it.

The reason I need to include a "payload" file is because we need to give the other team a simple way to indicate some information for the merge. The big problem is some properties should always take the user's value from the previous version and some properties should take the new default value delivered by the config file during an upgrade.


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The short answer would be the Binary table, but it really depends on how and when you're using it, how big it is, and how much effort you're willing to expend on maintaining the security of your package.

Can you describe your use case(s) more?

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Hey folks,

I've been trying to search for the answer but haven't been able to get the right language.

What's the payload equivalent in an MSI? I want my installer to deliver a file used during installation, but it should be cleaned up before the installer is complete.

Thank you,

Christoph Griesshammer

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