[wix-users] Applying patch with heat

robert_yang at agilent.com robert_yang at agilent.com
Thu Jan 12 06:53:32 PST 2017

"I am not experienced with XML transform language. Do you know examples
or tutorials how this can be implemented?"

I spent some time learning XSL a few years ago for another project.  There are many examples which can be googled.  W3Schools has a lot, for example, as does stackoverflow.  There are lots of tutorials, both in books (remember those ?) and online.  It does have kind of a learning curve, but the language has been around for a while (more than ten years), so a lot has been written about it.  Books on XSL 1.0 (the only version the Microsoft implementation supports) are now fairly cheap when purchased used, since there are now new versions of the standard.

Another alternative is to write a cheap and dirty post-processor (say in C# using the XML and XPath-related classes) which strips out PDB's and adds additional attributes, and add that to your build process.  Been there, done that :)


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