[wix-users] Generating a WiX XML File from a Model

Mike Finn mike at ultradark.com
Wed Jan 25 03:41:35 PST 2017

The Windows WiX Installer model automatically generates an application's WiX
installation source file (.wxs) in XML format.




A code generator (or more accurately Model Compiler) takes model
configuration data as input and by using templates outputs a XML file. The
XML file is then processed by the WiX toolset to produce an installable MSI
file for the Windows platform. This model was used to generate the actual
installer for the Model Compiler download available from the above website.


Matrix is a textual modeling language that implements the Shlaer-Mellor
Method and the later Executable UML. Each major component in a Matrix model
maps to a UML diagram. For example, the parts of the Matrix language that
describe entities, attributes and relationships map to the UML Class
Diagram. Similarly, statements specifying an entity's life-cycle map to
UML's State Chart.


Comments on the model, generated XML file or anything else are invited.




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