[wix-users] Bounty for a WiX tutorial from open-source "TrueCrypt-rewrite-project" CipherShed

Jason Pyeron jpyeron at pdinc.us
Sun Jan 22 06:46:53 PST 2017

[We pay for your open source code]

Hello all:

The open-source "TrueCrypt-rewrite-project" needs your help and we are willing to pay for it. Please note that we are going to share your work freely (Apache 2.0) in the form of our source code, and a WiX tutorial.

Our project "CipherShed" is coming along slowly but steadily. We are currently looking for some very specific help on creating a windows installer. To be more specific, we are looking for the actual steps documented for this WiX installer (see below). This particular skill is not present in the Team, hence this message.

The installers need to be able to install the application on currently supported Windows OS (e.g. 7, 10) and legacy XP and needs to be able to uninstall very cleanly from the same OS.

Here is a slightly more detailed list of what we need from the installer. We may not need all of these items from a WiX developer, but they're listed here for your consideration.

We are replacing a custom (.exe) combined application & device driver installer with a WiX installer for better security, better flexibility, and standards compliance. The details of what we need are:

* architecture consistency (no mixing of 32-bit and 64-bit; we need separate installers due to lack of WoW in some environments)
* installation and uninstallation of *non plug-and-play* device driver from an INF
* Handling the upgrade-uninstallation of previous non-wix installed driver would be a great bonus
* installation and uninstallation of an EFI bootloader, and machine configuration for properties such as EFI's next-boot (to test bootloader functionality without installing it permanently)
* upgrade of an "unrelated" product, without claiming their UUID
* OS compatibility (support all releases from Windows XP to latest Windows release)

There will be infrastructure available for testing the code.

If you are interested please contact us through this WiX mailing list or send an email to: contact at ciphershed dot org. We are looking forward to your contact and like to negotiate a fair deal for all involved.

P.S. please share this.


CipherShed Team
Jason, Kyle and Jos

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