[wix-users] Problem with launched application

Packer, David David.Packer at nuance.com
Wed Jan 11 09:29:20 PST 2017

I am new to the WiX installer, so please bear with me if this is an obvious question.
I am having a problem when I launch my  application after the installation. It cannot see one of the directories that was created during the installation.

I have the following in my installer:

      <Custom Action="LaunchFile" After="InstallFinalize">NOT Installed</Custom>

The application launches correctly and the msi quits.

I am using this to complete configuration, once the application is installed. But a directory (created during the install) does not appear to be visible to the program. The directory in question contains template files, which are consumed by the installed application. If I quit the application, then re-launch it, everything works correctly, so I know that everything was installed in the correct place. It just does not recognize the directory when launched from the msi file.

Any help would be appreciated!

David Packer

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