[wix-users] Harvesting a WSC scriptlet

Helge Kruse Helge.Kruse at gmx.net
Wed Jan 11 04:25:04 PST 2017


I am creating an MSI that is mostly implemented with .NET assemblies.
These assemblies provide interfaces for COM/automation. For some
backward capability it is necessary to provide one COM class as a WSC

The WSC is usually registered with regsvr32. After registering you find
a value of C:\Windows\system32\scrobj.dll for the InprocServer32.

When I run
  heat file C:\build\MyServer.WSC -o C:\source\MyServer.wxs
I get a source file that contains a component with only the <File> child
node. All the registration information is missing.

As a workaround I could investigate what will be written to the registry
when calling regsvr32, create a MyServer.REG file an harvest this file
with heat.exe. But this is cumbersome and error prone because there are
absolute paths involved that should depend on INSTALLDIR (for the WSC
file) or WINDIR (for the scrobj.dll).

How can I harvest the WSC so that it can be used with WiX?


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