[wix-users] Change Temp folder used during build

Brian Enderle brianke at gmail.com
Thu Jan 5 06:52:21 PST 2017

When I build a WiX project in Visual Studio 2015 that has a pre-build or
post-build event, AVG is identifying these events as suspicious.  This
requires that I manually tell AVG to allow this operation each time I build
the project.

As I investigated the issue, I found that the WiX build event is converted
to a file in C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local named "tmp*.exec.cmd" where
'*' appears to be a random GUID that changes with each build
(i.e., tmpe64b16a499eb4d85ab32156b25079ed5.exec.cmd)  This GUID doesn't
appear to be associated with any GUID in the WiX project that I can find.

The file contents look like this:

set errorlevel=dummy
set errorlevel=
exit %errorlevel%

SignItAll.bat is a batch file that signs the files in the MSI with our

AVG provides a mechanism to ignore files run from a particular directory
but obviously I don't want to add C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local.  Is
there a way I can tell WiX to output these files to a custom folder (i.e.,

If anyone has found a different solution to this problem, I am open to
alternative options.


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