[wix-users] Burn variable is set to Temp when using reference windows folder

erwin john publico erwinjohnpublico at yahoo.com
Wed Jan 4 01:03:02 PST 2017

Hi All,
Im trying to change the log location of my bundle so I used the Log class. 

While this works;
<Log Prefix="SetupLog" PathVariable="C:\Temp\Setup.log" />
This doesn't;<Log Prefix="SetupLog" PathVariable="[AppDataFolder]Temp\Setup.log" />
I tried putting the value to the variable itself or even put it to the include file but it still doesn't work; <Variable Name="MyVar" Value="$(var.LogLoc)" Type="string" bal:Overridable="yes"/>
<Log Prefix="SetupLogs" PathVariable="MyVar" />
It doesn't work and looking at the logs, what happens is it set to the Temp folder. Searching online somehow leads me to some people encountering the same problems.
Any idea how to make the location of my Log to a windows folder without having to do below? (where there should be an added parameter before a user executing my setup)How to log an installation made from a WiX bundle


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