[wix-users] Stop & Start Service

Christopher Painter chrpai at iswix.com
Tue Dec 19 04:17:11 PST 2017

That's pretty much what MSI was designed to do.  The StopServices action is run towards the front (1900) and the StartServices action is ran much later near the end (5900).

That said, I typically don't start/stop  IIS unless I really have to.  Usually I'm dealing with ASP.NET applications and modern versions of IIS are pretty good about noticing changes to a web.config file and automatically restarting that portion of the web server.


Suggested InstallExecuteSequence (Windows)<https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/windows/desktop/aa372038(v=vs.85).aspx>
The suggested action sequences for a basic InstallExecuteSequence table in a Windows Installer database.

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Using the ServiceControl element, we can start or stop (or both) a service
during MSI installation. But, I need to stop a service (for example IIS) at
the beginning of MSI installation and start it again during the end of MSI
installation. Can anyone please help me achieve this?


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